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The International Breathwork Foundation is a non-profit global network established in 1994, open to everyone interested in the use of Conscious Breathing and Breathwork for health, well-being and spiritual practice. 

Geert De Vleminck2
Geert De Vleminck - Co Chair IBF

“The purpose of the IBF is to promote a heart-centred approach to breathwork, its theory and practice, for the expansion of consciousness and for personal and global transformation.”

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Vanessa Dietzel - Co Chair IBF


Breathwork is an umbrella term describing a wide range of conscious breathing practices which promote awareness, self-regulation and deep personal transformation with the intention of enhancing inner peace, health and wellbeing. Breathing, beyond the basic need for survival, acts as a bridge between spirit, mind, and body; between the conscious and the subconscious. “Conscious Breathing” is one of the quickest ways to open the heart and energise the body.

When used in specific ways, breathing allows us to release and resolve emotions, belief systems, stresses and memories which are often inaccessible through the more conventional talking therapies.


We are committed to the development of conscious breathwork and making it accessible to all around the globe. The fund was created in 2011 to financially support initiatives to bring the benefits of Breathwork to people and places that would otherwise not have the opportunity to experience it.

It is also our major fund to sponsor IBF members to come to our Annual Global Conferernce (GIC)
Anyone can contribute to the Breathwork Development Fund through a donation.


IBF International Breathwork Foundation