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10 Good reasons to visit the Netherlands

10 Good // Great reasons to attend the Global Inspiration Conference (GIC) 2024 in the Netherlands!


Celebrate the 30th anniversary of this unique annual gathering with breathworkers from all over the world.


Meet the pioneers, forerunners and breath magicians who paved the way.


Explore the versatility of breathwork and enjoy the various modalities this practice has to offer.


Participate in morning activities such as yoga, meditation and refreshing river swims.


Start the day with a wonderful group meditation and engaging presentations.


Participate in the formation and growth of the International Breathwork Foundation and watch democracy come to life at the General Assembly (AGM)


Participate daily in intensive and enriching workshops focusing on breathwork and other awareness techniques.


Give a workshop yourself! Anyone who wants to can offer a workshop and share their knowledge.


Learn from inspirational keynote speakers who will enrich your insights.


Dance, enjoy, and make friendships for life amidst the happiness of GIC participants during this unique breath festival.

Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in GIC 2024, where breathwork, connection and the joy of life all come together.

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