Integrity Committee’s statement to breach of ethics

Last year, a situation arose that brought to light the critical importance of ethical standards for breathworkers being carefully and consciously addressed. In the Spring of 2022, both the International Breathwork Foundation leadership team and that of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance were made aware of allegations of ethical misconduct regarding a practicing member of both organizations. We all took the allegations very seriously. Careful interviews were conducted with those that came forward and the possible history of previous similar incidents was explored. In the IBF, the Integrity Committee took a lot of time to consider what had taken place and the correct response to it in discussion with the Executive Team. We were in ongoing dialogue with the correlate people in the GBPA. As a result, the individual’s membership in both organizations was immediately suspended. There is an ongoing process going on to address what took place both for those who felt injured as well with the individual whose behavior was a clear and serious breach of ethics. As a commitment to healing is a cornerstone of both organizations, this process is taking place within a Restorative Justice model.

Being a qualified practitioner of any healing modality requires competent systematic training. This should also include a clear understanding of the ethical standards of practice that serve to protect the intrinsic vulnerability of the clients seeking help. As Breathwork is a somatic modality that involves altered states of consciousness, adherence to these standards through impeccable conduct by the practitioner is especially important.

Both the IBF and the GBPA have written ethical standards that are available on our websites. The IC is still in the process of reviewing and updating the IBF standards to be both comprehensive and crystal clear. From now on, it will be required that all IBF members officially indicate that they have read and understood what these are. Through awareness and greater consciousness comes right action. A signature will represent entering an agreement to adhere to the code of ethics.

This has been an extremely painful situation for many; certainly, for those who felt harmed, for the person facing the harm they did, but also for those who witnessed, and for those who cared and continue to care for both. We ask that each of us from our higher selves, find our way to hold them all in the light.

IBF Integrity Committee
Krista Gilda Kerner, John Stamoulos, Adela Barcia