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Uniting and Inspiring People through Conscious Breathing

The IBF is a non-profit international network open to everyone interested in conscious breathing and breathwork. This includes Conscious Connected Breathwork Professionals, organisations and schools as well as individuals and practitioners interested in conscious breathing or those whose lives have been touched by this experience.

“The purpose of the IBF is to promote a heart-centred approach to breathwork, its theory and practice, for the expansion of consciousness and for personal and global transformation.”

The IBF was created in June 1994, during the first Global Inspiration Conference (GIC) in Sweden and was officially incorporated as a non-profit organisation in The Netherlands in June 2000. Principal funding of the International Breathwork Foundation is by annual membership fees.

The IBF has an open, respectful and inclusive spirit to all nations, races, religions, spiritual traditions and breathing techniques and does not adhere to any specific tradition, religious or otherwise.

The IBF serves as a research and documentation centre for collecting, collating and disseminating information from around the world about Breathwork and its diverse theories, techniques, practices, schools and trainings.

A Global Inspiration Conference is held annually under the auspices of the IBF and is hosted in a different country each year. During the conference the IBF holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM). All registered participants at the conference are welcome to participate in the AGM where decisions regarding the future direction of the IBF and its relationship to Breathwork are made.

The International Breathwork Foundation offers the possibility to all people devoted to Conscious Breathing, independent of modality, to creatively participate in a global activity that promotes and honours the breath as a transformational tool for healing and personal growth. All are welcome to join the IBF network.

The IBF represents more than 35 countries worldwide and was granted Special Consultative Status with the ECOSOC (United Nations) in 2016.

Today IBF is an Organisation with full legal capacity – Netherlands – Chamber of Commerce Registration Number 32080432.

IBF respects the GDPR Legislation.

Find our GDPR policy here: IBF GDPR Policy 2018

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