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Crew GIC 2024

Mariët Bakker

Is a yoga teacher and breathworker for more than a decade. Trained in Transformational Breath. Since 2020 connected to the Breath and Consciousness Academy where she works together with Wilna Eenkhoorn and others to train new breathworkers. Giccer since 2012. In her previous life she was the founder and director of Africa in the Picture, a film festival dedicated to African cinema.

Crew GIC 2024

Annette Fehse

Trainer, family constellation facilitator, life-, career- and teamcoach. Giccer since 2014 and National Representative for the Netherlands for the IBF since 2022. Conscious connected breathing has enriched her  life and  work in uncountable ways, bringing more space, joy, health, love and creativity to her and to her clients.

Joost M-c

Joost Maijvis

Born in the Netherlands, 55 years of age. Since the millennium on in touch with breathwork, Satguru discovery and ceremonial way of living. As a traveler fortunate to have been around the world creating breath communities in Turkey, Switzerland and South Africa. Now focused on supporting a self practice community in the Nijmegen area where I live. With my former experience in television as floor-manager I will be responsible for the smooth running of the workshops and performances in the various halls during the week.


Yasser Dehnavi

Yasser Dehnavi, an entrepreneur on a remarkable journey. Co-founder of Crowdmedia, a marketing agency. Although the agency faced decline, it prioritized openness, transparency, and care within Crowd.  Yasser embraced the experience, gaining valuable insights. Now he established  ‘Out of Love’, with partner-in-crime Katerina Fortun, fostering consciousness and conscious leadership accompanied with different kinds of breathwork and bodywork. 


Olia Lozovska

Came from Ukraine. Fell in love with the Netherlands. Breathwork enthusiast. Studying and practicing Integrative Breathwork Therapy. One timegiccer. Planning, scheduling, and coordinating processes between teams. Keeping up to date all team members involved in GIC2024.

Joost P-c

Joost Pennings


Young joyful spirit, GIC 2024 co-organizer managing the finance.
Since 2022 trained by Wilna Eenkhoorn at the Breath and Consciousness Academy. One timegiccer and enthousiast. He is slowly expanding his light as a breathworker in the Netherlands.


Dineke Faas

Is a shaman, drama teacher, spiritual coach and breathworker. Trained in Transformational Breath. She is connected to the Breath and Consciousness Academy as a trainer, where she co-works with Nadia Haugh in Ireland. In her earlier life she was a well-known Dutch burlesque performer, where she raised her voice as a feminist. Awareness for body positivity and female empowerment is still her mission. 


Lilian Korzilius

Initiator of bringing the GIC 2024 to the Netherlands. Breathworker and awareness trainer for over a decade.
Originally schooled in Transformational Breath. Teaches breathwork in schools and healthcare. Gigger since 2013. Besides breathwork Lilian loves to perform in the theater!

Judith Wanders

Judith Wanders

guest service
With a long history and background in hospitality and tourism she is now working as a project coordinator at an consultancy firm. She discovered breathwork last year and it turned out to be a true passion. Trained at the Breath and Consiousness Academy as a breathwork facilitator. She is dedicated to ensure that the GIC participants are comfortable and enjoyable. If guests have specific preferences or special request related to their stay, they can contact Judith.

Ece Erdat

Ece Erdat

(inter)national RELATIONS
Is a breathworker, regression therapist and an energy healer. Trained in Transformational Breath and later developed her own method where she integrates shamanic journeying and deep meditation. She is communicating and expanding the relationship with the Turkish breathworkers living in Turkey and abroad and is promoting the GIC and IBF amongst Dutch breathworkers. She is also part of the programme team for GIC 2024. Was a first time Giccer in 2022 Germany.

Mirjam Verschoor

Mirjam Verschoor

Social Media

Personal coach, Yoga Nidra teacher and breathworker.
Had a ‘love at first sight’ experience with breathwork  in 2022.
Completed her training as breath worker in 2023 at the Breath and Consciousness Academy by Wilna Eenkhoorn. Enthusiast for the GIC experience and the possibilities of social media.

Anke Noback

Anke Noback

Local Guide
I finished breathwork training in 1989 with Tilke Platteel-Deur en Hans Mensink. Since then I guided individuals, couples an groups with their breath. Also working at the University of Applied Sciences in Nijmegen, training social workers -to be- in their personal development. Living since 1995 in the area of Berg en Dal and honored to be your local guide during the GIC 2024.

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