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About the Host team

The GIC 2023 will be hosted by Vincent Oloo.

Vincent Oloo

is the Director of Breathe Africa International.

He is a member of the IBF since 2008 and National Representative for the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) in Kenya since 2014. Vincent Oloo is Internationally certified Transformational Breath®️ senior trainer. His main goal is to change lives one conscious breath at a time. His work supports physical, mental/emotional and spiritual integration.
He is also certified Nlp master, life coach and Systemic constellator.
He believes that when you change your breath you change how you experience life.
Vincent offers Transformational Breath trainings locally and internationally. He also offers private and group session in person and online.


is the director of Crystal Clear Coaching & Consulting Ltd.

She is a
member of the IBF since 2022 and is in training to be a certified Transformational
Breath facilitator. She is a Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master
Practitioner (IANLP).
Stella is a passionate life coach who listens instinctively and helps her clients draw
the diamonds from within and crystallize their goals in a safe environment. She
gently guides her clients through conscious connected breathing and holding a safe
space for healing to occur.
Stella is also an Organizational Development trainer within the East African region
working with various local and international organizations.


I am passionate about art , travel and alternative therapies.

I moved to Kenya 32 years ago , and was interested in Conservation of wildlife. My favourite Animal being the Elephant , I started to pain Elephants and would give my paintings to Charity Exhibitions to raise money. In 1997, I started my path in the field of healing. I became a professional Pranic Healer, and had many Positive outcomes, but had to stop working in the field, as I had developed an illness.
I then continued to heal myself over years through many alternative therapies like, homeopathy, reiki, reflexology , etc. Then One day decided to challenge my body and myself and trained for 6 weeks to climb to Everest base camp. It was no easy feat, but was extremely fulfilling, and my body accepted the challenge too.
In 2005, with my love for Nature, and wildlife I decided to put my Passion into a Business and Started my own travel company . Specialising in Safaris and Himalayan treks, with bespoke experiences around the world for private clients.
A few years ago I had been hearing about breathwork, and only knew it as Prananyama practices from my Yogic training. But Transformational Breath® was so different . I did a couple of Sessions with Vincent , and could not believe how things come into fruition and it centers your soul. I have become more and more fond of this style of healing power.
In the process, I decided that I would help the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) members who are coming to Africa in 2023, and make their trip a memorable one, with all details taken care for their holiday needs.
I hope to meet you all in person one day .

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