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A workgroup to promote all forms of artistic expression in the breathwork community

and to encourage artists to get involved in IBF events and projects.

Our Purpose


To bring peace, healing, transformation, joy and inspiration to the world through conscious breathing and creative expression.


Our Mission


·      Using conscious breathing as a gateway to connect with our inner creative self to manifest our full potential and bring more passion in our art

·      Exploring and experiencing the many varied pathways of different artforms using imagination, creativity, movement and emotional expression

·      Creating community bringing people together to experience the unifying power of art

·      Creating a safe container for healing, rediscovering a sense of playfulness, joy and passion

·      Empowering artists to be true to their authentic selves through breathwork


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Website               www.breathing-arts.com

Email:                  art@ibfbreathwork.org



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Tanya workshop

December 10th 2022 The Breathing Arts group welcomes guest teacher Tanya Gorriaran for our next online workshop. Find that inner spark that ignites the magic within as you are guided on a shamanic journey using breathwork, sound and movement.

Upcoming workshops 11:22