A workgroup to promote all forms of artistic expression in the breathwork community and to encourage artists to get involved in IBF events and projects.



Our Purpose

To bring peace, healing, transformation, joy and inspiration to the world through conscious breathing and creative expression.

Our Mission

  • Using conscious breathing as a gateway to connect with our inner creative self to manifest our full potential and bring more passion in our art
  • Exploring and experiencing the many varied pathways of different artforms using imagination, creativity, movement and emotional expressio


  • Creating community bringing people together to experience the unifying power of art
  • Creating a safe container for healing, rediscovering a sense of playfulness, joy and passion
  • Empowering artists to be true to their authentic selves through breathwork
Creative Forums


We are excited to offer short online monthly workshops and forums featuring well-known presenters from the world of conscious breathing and creative expression.

Our community creates a safe and supportive space for healing, rediscovering playfulness, joy, and passion. We encourage artists to be true to their authentic selves through breathwork, movement, and emotional expression.

Our upcoming workshop for April 2024.

Our events are free online events lasting two hours usually on the third Saturday of the month; however, you need to register for these events using the links below.


Music, whether it be through singing or listening has a unique power that transcends language barriers. Music truly is a universal language of healing that transcends all boundaries.Music has the power to heal. This is something that’s been known for centuries and continues to be true today. The sound and rhythm of music promotes good physical, mental, and emotional health.This workshop will explore the ways in which music can deepen and enhance our breathwork practice.

You don’t need to be an “artist” to contribute to this Work Group – there are many tasks we need to do to make our events a success, such as social media/promotion, graphic design, and supporting each other.

Please contact us at art@ibfbreathwork.org if you feel called to join our team.