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1  Right Relationship

We celebrate the interconnected nature of life and respond in right relation to each other and the world around us; directing our affairs with love, honor and respect.

2  Conscious Breathing

Conscious breath is at the heart of our community and we trust it to guide us to the truth.

3  Authenticity and Integrity

We are dedicated to authenticity and integrity in our lives and challenge behaviors and perspectives that are not aligned with the highest good of all.

4  Conscious communication

Conscious communication is a natural mode of relating in our community. We have the courage to communicate our truth lovingly in the name of healing and we are clear that it is not necessary to take others communications personally.

5  Personal and Collective Responsibility

We take personal responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions; acknowledging and respecting the power of the creator in each one of us.

6  Flexibility and Responsiveness

We recognise the power in quantum change and maintain flexibility in our perspectives and actions to accommodate the unknown.

7  Understanding and Knowledge

We acknowledge the multiple sources of intelligence available to us; we are guided by our hearts, divine inspiration and mental abilities in our decision making processes.

8  Consciousness

Being committed to consciousness we have the courage to acknowledge, embrace and integrate our shadow side. Through our own commitment to healing, we inspire others to develop and grow in conscious awareness.

9  Trust, Security and Self Love

We trust the manifesting mystery of life and know that as we explore our internal and external worlds, self-care, support and consideration for others is of the highest importance.

10  Global Healing

Through our continued dedication to conscious awareness in our lives, we emanate the qualities of awakened presence into the world.

IBF Breathwork Foundation