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Coherence, the path to a peaceful heart

Coherence, the path to a peaceful heart

we will experience how to find the peaceful heart inside with our breath

when there is coherence between the heart and mind anything is possible

the path of integration and embracing our peaceful heart, is one fueled by our intentional breathing. living in coherence is the result.

Coherence is the frequency that attracts our desired good

and when we are coherent, effort and struggle can be eliminated and we can receive what we want on every level.


Pioneer of the breathwork movement Dr. Judith Kravitz

Her healing journey led her to develop Transformational Breath®, a technique that has molded modern breathwork and helped millions worldwide since 1977.

Judi is an internationally recognized leader in the field of metaphysics and spirituality. She created the Metaphysical Manifestation Program, which trains people on how to achieve their goals, and has led Course in Miracles groups, breathing programs for children and has worked extensively with womens’ empowerment.

Judith’s passion for sharing her work with love, skill, and intuition has helped people find their voice and power and manifest their desires. For the past thirty five years, she has traveled extensively and led Transformational Breath Training Programs in many countries in Europe, Asia, The Middle East, and North and South America.

Judi’s has a great love for her family; she is a nurturing mother to eight and grandmother of twelve. In her own words, Transformational Breath is like another child; although it came through her, it is not only for her. This is why she consciously chose to establish Transformational Breath as an open technique, continually expanding and evolving. Today Transformational Breath is taught in 54 countries and 12 languages, and Judi’s book Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly has been translated into eight languages.

When she’s not teaching Transformational Breath® or Manifestation, she enjoys playing tennis, cooking healthy meals with vegetables grown in her garden and spending time with her family.

Judi’s work has been and continues to be an inspiration to breathwork practitioners worldwide.

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A breathwork facilitator and teacher and the co-founder of Integrative Breath Facilitator Training School Steph Magenta

Steph places great importance on the integration aspect of any somatic practices which have the potential to elicit significant change or breakthrough for the person experiencing the work.

Steph is licensed bodywork therapist and shamanic practitioner with a background in substance misuse and addiction research. She also holds over three decades of work in detox, healing, sexuality and somatic practice which informs her grounded, heart centred and trauma aware approach to the practice of breathwork.

On a personal level, Steph has worked extensively with plant medicines, embodiment therapies and talk therapies to change her life. Having transformed her own suffering into her superpowers, she is now happy to take her (initially reluctant) place as a wise elder in her communities. She is an advocate of cold exposure, clean eating/detox protocols, core strength training and nervous system regulation as a route to ongoing health and wellness.

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Retired Kenya registered nurse Midwife. Eunice Olawo

Certified International Radical
Aliveness practitioner and coach. MA Counselling Studies. Your student.
Topic role of breathwork in stressful situations-

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founders of Breathfulness. Jacquelien and Marco

We are Jacquelien and Marco, Breath workers for over 20 years. Since 2012 we are
the founders of Breathfulness.

We are proud of Vincent. We met him in 2005 and introduced him to conscious breathing. And from the beginning he enjoyed it. We met him a lot of times doing our project in Nairobi in the period 2003-2011. He’s also been for 2 months with us in Holland, and just before flying back to Nairobi he told us: I will continue your breathwork in Africa. And so amazing, he’s still doing it. After his first flight in 2007 he travelled so much to inspire people in a lot of countries and share his wisdom and love for the breath. That’s why we stay connected – both love to live our life in fulness and enjoying to share the importance of conscious breathing for a lovely life. We look forward to being at the GIC in Kenya in 2023. 20 years after our first special visit to Kenya.

The call of your soul. Sometimes you get such a clear signal from within, your soul calls so loudly, there is only one thing you can do and that’s listen to it. Such a moment was May 2002 for us. During our own Transformational Breath seminar our hearts started beating so loudly when someone asked for personal development trainers in Kenya. Separately we said YES, not knowing what we were getting into. We booked our tickets and in April 2005 we flew to Nairobi. The start of a very special journey. We met Vincent Oloo and from the first moment we knew this serves a higher purpose. You know the result.

Now we are very proud of Vincent and his breathwork. And happy to be present at the GIC and meet you in Nairobi. We share our story and the call of our soul that brought us to Kenya.

Traditional healer, storyteller Sisonke Papu, a.k.a. KHNYSA

Sisonke Papu, a.k.a. KHNYSA, is iGqiRha/ traditional healer, storyteller and multi- disciplinary artist from Mthatha, South African. KHNYSA’s work seeks to mediate modes of traditional healing and traditional music as repositories of knowledge in the South African context by exploring spatial, emotional and spiritual temporalities by engaging ideas of everydayness, the real and imaginary, dreams and memory, the unseen as well as the mythical, ritual, sonic and cosmic.

He is the founder of ISPILI Network, a transmedia and creative platform dedicated to exploring the creative economy of the Eastern Cape through social programs and online content dedicated to the preservation and transmission of indigenous knowledges and collective healing.

Papu has worked with Breathwork Africa, Ancient Wisdom Africa, 7 Days of Rest and Earthrise Collectives, amongst many organisations and communities, sharing the vast wisdom and indigenous knowledge bestowed to him by his ancestors.

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Namaste from Mother India!
Spiritually our breath connects us with Birth and Death, with magical and mystical. It is the great mystery of life and one of my greatest teacher.
Over last 40 years I have used my breathing techniques in meditation, dance, healing body work, life awareness. I am happy to share with you Sudarshan Kriya — a very powerful Indian breathing technique which I use since 2001.
Today this breathing technique researched and practiced in over 140 countries worldwide through ART OF LIVING FOUNDATION, started by his Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar in 1981.
Sudarshan Kriya is a rhythmic breathing technique that helps reduce stress, regulate emotions and remove toxins from the body. Sudarshan Kriya literally translated from Sanskrit as proper vision by purifying action, where “su” means right, “darshan” means vision and “Kriya” means a purifying action.

Born in Uganda, East Africa, with Indian parents, educated in India and USA. In his healing work with people combines traditional Indian and Western approaches.
With master’s degree in Commerce and Business Administration from Pune University (India) and double master’s degree in Communication Arts and Hotel Administration from Ivy League Cornell University (NY, USA) Pradeep also has a vast international experience in Wellness and Hospitality Industry.

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the Breath Sekou, Founder, Black Love Day, AYO HANDY-KENDI,

Ayo Handy-Kendi is ”The Breath Sekou”, a master teacher of 50+ years of breath study and training as a Certified Breathologist, Transformational Facilitator, Laughter Yoga Teacher and Leader, Reiki Master 3, Ra Sekhi 2, Qi Cong II and Diversity Trainer

She is internationally reknown as the founder of Optimum Life Breathology (O.L.B.); the 1993 founder of Black Love Day, Feb. 13, The Ritual of Reconciliation and as “Mama Ayo”, the Storyteller..

Since 2004, she has served as the Founder/CEO of PositivEnergyWorks, a wellness service that uses breathing techniques to primarily, support people of color (POC’s) with health, emotional
wellness, stress, trauma, racism and unconscious bias. She has certified over 250 persons in Optimum Life Breathology (O.L.B.). her solution-based training system of daily applied, breath techniques and joyful, transformative practices. O.L.B includes her signature trainings, “Relearn How to Breathe”, “Power of the Breath”, “Transcendence Breathwork”, “Breath Circles to Heal the Divides”, “The Ritual of Reconciliation”, “The Art of Self-Pleasure”, and “Come Together to Breathe, Laugh, Move and Connect”. She also offers spiritual and cultural relaxation features to “wow” conference and meeting audiences, in digital events.

She is the author of “Applied Breathology” and 4 other wellness books. She has co-produced 10 wellness and cultural DVD’s/CD’s with her husband John, now an Ancestor; 2 plays, and is currently working on 2 books that connect the breath and culture, called, “STOLEN” and “Breathing Thru Stop Smoking Naturally”.. Sekou Mama Ayo is also a B.A. degreed Community Organizer and Counselor since 1989. Further, she is a Sound Healer, Speaker, Workshop Trainer, Wholistic Practitoner and Rituals Facilitator..

Sekou Ayo feels blessed to have “breathed” with millions on radio, t.v, in print, on stage, via Internet, and in private practice. Notable media appearance include Steve Harvey’s Morning Show, Roland Martin’s News Hour, ABC, CBS, NBC and WJLA, Fox News; The Washington Post, and featured virtually on the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) World Breathing Day, The Shift Networks’ Breath Summits and the Breathing Festival. While being in the leadership of over 30+ social justice marches, she is most passionate about organizing a worldwide, “breath movement” to spread the message that “there is power in the breath”.

Further, she is the Founder of The African American Holiday Association (AAHA), that stewards, “Black Love Day (BLD).co-created in 1993. BLD is the 4th commemorative African American holiday offering a day of celebration, atonement, forgiveness and reconciliation, in a 24 hour demonstration showing 5 specific tenets (loving acts): Love for the Creator, for Self, for the Black Family, the Community and Black Race. Whites show “love in action” thru service, atonement and inspect their own racial behavior and attitudes. It is a day for pro-peace, racial and diversity healing, to heal all relationships, serving as a more cultural, spiritual alternative to the commercial Valentine’s Day

She personally credits transformative breathology techniques for helping her overcome such adversities as the violent death of her 17 year-old son Rashid: the loss of several homes resulting in homelessness; surviving domestic violence, addictions; and 40 years of depression, symptoms of the impact of holding the memory of childhood sexual abuse and emotional trauma frozen within her sub-conscious.; and managing grief after several family members transitioned within 2 months of each other, then in 2022, finding joy despite the incarceration of her oldest son; the mauling in front of her of her beloved dog Arde and the transition of her husband and partner John of 22 years,
who crossed over in their home in her arms.. . 

From these life journeys, she has championed the belief that we heal only when we feel our emotions and that the key to healing the divides of race, inequality, separation and relationship disrespect, is also to breathe to feel to heal the repressed stress of race-based/personal trauma and un-conscious biases, held in the cellular memory. which unlocks limited beliefs Her culturally unique Breathology sessions, trainings and certifications, emphasize many ways to breathe, African drumming, sound healing, movement, and laughter

She is relaunching in June, 2023, “The Sage-ing Baby Boomers Show” as her commitment to healing the world in alignment with her membership in The International Breathwork Foundation (IBF). She has been an IBF member since 2013. Filled with abundant love and joy, Sekou Ayo, shares her gifts with her Washington D.C./ Capitol Heights, Maryland community, all humanity, and her big family of 20 grandchildren, 10 great- grand-children, her adult son, a Liberian adopted son and his orphanage and 6 Yorkie/Pomerians.

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