Breathing from your own home


Breathing together Online

Wherever you are, whichever your level of experience, whatever the modality of your practice, it is so simple, just Meet2Breathe Online.

Come and join us in Meet2Breathe. Siete i benvenuti come un respiratore principiante o un esperto. No matter what modality you have been certified in or where you live in the worldMeet2Breathe connects us all.

Practitioners from all around the world have joined Meet2Breathe. Ci sono stati anche respiratori che si sentono isolati nel proprio paese che hanno ricevuto i benefici di sentirsi parte della comunità respiratoria online.

Respirare da casa tua è molto pratico, semplice e confortevole. Even when the meeting ends you can keep on relaxing and expanding the awareness of the breath.

Ti prepari per l’M2B? You need to upload Zoom on your computer or mobile phone, connect with a headset with a microphone, please turn your video on (required to connect with you) and set a quiet and comfortable space to sit up and then lay down.

È stata un’esperienza meravigliosa lavorare con così tante persone diverse, da lingue diverse, personalità diverse e tutti ricevendo i benefici della respirazione consapevolmente.

Click the link for Meet2Breathe Online events worldwide

May we keep on breathing together Online until we meet Live

Alicia Velázquez Berumen

Creator of Meet2Breathe Online, IBF Online Workgroup Member , IBF Ambassador, GBPA Professional Member, Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator, Brennan Healing Science graduate, Family Constellations Practitioner & Channeled Meditations.