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April 2024
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The Sacred Breath Module : AIR School of Breathwork

What is AIR School of Breathwork The breathwork modality we teach is Rebirthing breathwork, which is an original form of conscious connected breathwork. It is a very gentle yet powerful approach that brings into awareness unconsciously held beliefs and emotions, facilitating integration and healing. Doug Sawyer and Brigitte Martin Powell founded the AIR School of Breathwork in 2010. With over 70 years of experience in Rebirthing between them, Doug and Brigitte have witnessed the vast transforming results this technique can bring to people's lives, whatever their background or belief system. The school, with its two year training was one of the first to become accredited by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance, 10 years ago. Our aim is to train aspiring Breathworker’s to become highly skilled, caring and ethical professionals. Ease, kindness, and mindfulness are at the heart of our rigorous training, which also acknowledges each person’s unique contribution within the oneness of Creation. The AIR School of Breathwork provides a heart centred environment for personal as well as professional growth.
24 - 30 Apr
All Day
AIR School of Breathwork logo

The Sacred Breath Module : AIR School of Breathwork

AIR School of Breathwork has been a Global Professional Breathwork Alliance certified school for 10 years. It holds 1 week long modules, five times a year, which can be taken as one off deep personal inner work or as part of a two year accredited breathwork training programme. Each module focuses on different stages of your life, with inner work being at the foundation of our teachings, enabling you to become a grounded and professional breathwork practitioner if you choose that path. At the heart of the school is simplicity, truth and love. Using conscious connected breathwork to access our ability to transform ourselves, and our lives. We also teach warm and cold water rebirthing, for groups, 1:1, online and in person.
24 Apr - 01 May
All Day
Brimpts Farm
Dartmeet, Yelverton PL20 6SG, UK

Presence of Breath (PoB)™ Introductory Training

Transformational Breath® is combined with the insights from The Presence Process by acclaimed author Michael Brown. This potent 2-day weekend gives you insight and awareness into a deeper understanding of yourself and your world, allowing profound healing and change to take place at the causal level.
27 - 28 Apr
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Türkiye
May 2024
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