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Daniëlle De Wilde

Daniëlle De Wilde

Mobile: +32 495 660 700

Danielle De Wilde works as breathworker, professional trainer-coach, MoonMother, Ceremonial Fire Walk leader, Dance & Movement therapist, director of the institute BAO Elan Vital Personal Development, Coaching and Mentoring in Brussels. She has been working for more than 30 years in the social profit sector (hospital, NGO & schools) and with leaders in corporations to create vital work environments and prevent burnout. A National Representative of the IBF for Belgium for 20 years, she served as vice-president Belgium of the International Coaching Federation and was part of the IBF Admin Team for 5 years, and now supports the current Executive Team with the networking. She is also facilitating Breathing & Healing Circles in Brussels/Bruges and leading group journeys to reconnect with nature. She is training therapists in embodied coaching practices. shamanic breathwork and customized ritual work.

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