Liubov Umanets

Member bio:

Lyubov Umanets was born in Kiev in 1951. She graduated from the university received a degree in child’s and educational psychology. In 1985 Lyubov got the master’s degree in the same speciality.

During 23 years she worked as an associate professor at the department of psychology of the National Pedagogical University in Kiev. Now Lyubov is retired and occupied with her favourite work – conscious breathing.

Lyubov became acquainted with breathwork practices in 1989-1990. Firstly she was a client, then she passed the professional trainings of American rebirthers James J. Terrusa, Sari Sack Johan and of the leading Russian breathworker Sergey Gorsky (Vsekhsvyatskiy). From 1991 till 1997 Lyubov participated in workshops, sessions and conferences of the Russian Association for Free Breathing. Since 1991 she has been working with clients as breathwork trainer carrying out individual and group sessions. Also she leads a school of breathwork techniques which prepares breathwork practitioners. She has many disciples in Kiev and other cities and towns in Ukraine.

Since 1998 Lyubov Umanets is member of IBF and National coordinator for Ukraine. For many years she inspires people from Ukraine to join IBF and GICs.

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