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Paul Jones

Paul Jones

Phone: 306946771759
Mobile: +30 6946771759

Since his first introduction to Rebirthing Breathwork in 1987, he has worked with some of the leading Rebirthing Breathworkers internationally and has guided countless people through the process of transforming their deepest traumas and limiting belief systems. Into that journey he had the blessing of working with his own. He has offered trainings and seminars around the globe and feels enormous gratitude for being given the chance to connect with all his teachers and students.
Paul is a professional member of the International Breathwork Foundation and the New Zealand Association of Breathworkers. He is also a professional member and group facilitator of the Australian Breathwork Association.
He has supported his breathwork knowledge base by completing a Diploma in General and applied psychology and a diploma in holistic counselling.
Born in New Zealand and a student of the world, Greece is now his home. He offers one to one and group breathwork sessions, online breathwork and beginner to mastery breathwork trainings through Inner Resources Breathwork and the Pure Awareness Breathwork training.

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