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Juliana Ericson
Certified Breathwork Practitioner, approved by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA)

juliana ericson

Phone: 615-212-5511
Mobile: 16154823535

My mission is to provide deep support for people on their healing journey, helping them create as much joy and peace in their lives as they will allow. I use unconventional tools of encouraging my clients' transformation and rejuvenation on all levels, some of which are Rebirthing Breathwork, Positivity, and Forgiveness. Although I am highly trained to use these powerful techniques, I know that I am merely an instrument of healing. The true Healer is the Spirit to which I pray before I see each client. My job is to a safe space and sacred space for my clients to heal. I was trained by Debi Miller and Kelly Walden of the Atlanta Breathworker School, Sondra Ray, Tony LoMastro and Maureen Malone of the Philadelphia Rebirthing Center, Leonard Orr, Ken and Rene' Kizer, Rhonda Levand and Margo Powell. I have been practicing Breathwork for 27 years. I lead Breathwork trainings and workshops in Nashville, TN, USA. I speak to groups on Breathwork and Forgiveness, and have published a book on forgiveness "The Other F Word: 7 Days to Forgiving Anyone" available on Amazon. I have also produced a Breathwork CD called "Breathe in Life" available on iTunes and other digital download locations.

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