Sanghamitra Sau Sengupta

Phone: +91 9435545630
Mobile: +91 8811046995
Member bio:

Sanghamitra Sau Sengupta

B.Sc (Hons), M.A | Psychology

M.P.C | Alternative Medicine

Special Qualifications: Psychiatric Counselling – Psychiatry & Medicine, Intensive Short- term dynamic Psychotherapy- ISTDP, CB5 and Therapeutic Breath work

Health Psychologist – Psychotherapist, Gold Medallist

Pregnancy- Prenatal Educator

She has been working as a Psychologist- Psychotherapist since 2003. She is Life member of IAHP, Affiliate member of Indian Psychoanalytical Society and Professional member of International Breath work Foundation.

She has developed Psycho – Physiological Breath Energy Therapy (Holistic Approach) to treat patient with suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, phobia, frustration, stress, trauma, any neurosis, Sleep disorder, Psychosomatic illness. She has been awarded Gold Medal for her contribution in the area of Complementary Medicine by IBAM. She has participated in several National and International conferences on Psycho–physiological breath energy therapy and Health psychology and presented papers on Psycho-Physiological Breath Energy Therapy. She has also conducted several awareness programs, workshops , trainings and delivered speech Nationally and Internationally in different topics like Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in health and well-being, Science of Prenatal Education, Positive parenting , Career Counselling, Personality Assessment, Therapeutic Breath work, Suicide Prevention , Stress and Anger Management, Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence, Adolescent Counselling, Happiness and Well-being. She has just started Mental Health Coach Course for devotees blending Psychology and Spirituality.

Her present projects are- 

  • Suicide Prevention and Anti-Depression Movement
  • Child Protection Training Program- From prenatal condition, parenting and onward
  • Life Promotion Training Program for Young Adults
  • Stress Management and Happiness Index Training Program for Corporate
  • Holistic Mental Health Consulting Course



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