Joël Jégo

Phone: +33 1 47 00 39 50
Mobile: +33 6 09 01 39 53
Member bio: For 26 years I had an intensive career as a financial executive in large groups in France, Belgium and Australia. I started my journey in personal development fifteen years ago. In 2007, my company transferred me to work in Australia for 4 years. Experiencing the remoteness from my roots, the emotional quest, many personal questions, led me to undertake several personal development courses. Along this journey, I experienced my first conscious connected breathing session, followed by some individual sessions and a seven-day retreat which included a daily conscious connected breathing session; the later will have been the ultimate breakthrough. Then I congratulate myself for having embraced fully these experiences, as the course of my life truly changed since. Conscious connected breathing helped me to find the purpose of my life, to strengthen my self-confidence, to feel more self-love and lots more. In 2009 I decided to move towards a career in which people interaction will be at the heart of it. I then undertook a journey of intense training in supporting others to achieve their aims, then I started a new career as an executive coach and conscious connected breathing practitioner in 2011. During the GIC 2014, I experienced for the first time Transformational Breath® (TB), then I decided to undertake the professional training. As from 2015, I practice Transformational Breath® with the goal to spread out this more advanced breathwork practice in France.
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