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A.C.M. Fehse

A.C.M. Fehse

Mobile: +31654695404

Hi there, my name is Annette and I live and work in Den Ilp, other then that I facilitate breathing circles in Amsterdam and Castricum, Netherlands.
Since 2012 I'm a certified Transformational Breath Facilitator TM and in 2016 I did my level 5, trainerseducation. I am now a trainer in the Breath and Consciousness Academy in the Netherlands, offering the Basic training, from next year onwards levels 3 to 5. I also studied coaching & counseling, NLP (master practioner) and training skills at various educational institutes in the Netherlands. I'm a certified teamcoach, communication trainer, mindfulness trainer, family constellation facilitator and life- and careercoach with over 30 years of experience in corporates and non profit organisations. Apart from this I took a shamanistic training with Bulgan Windhorse, a mongolian shaman. 
The GIC in Ireland in 2014 was my first GIC and since then I attended six more, hooked for live :-). Since august 2022 I'm the National Representative for the Netherlands in the IBF. I have been coördinating the translations for the CBTR Taskforce for 1,5 years and have attented live AGM's at the GIC's each year more regulary. I can highly recommend participating in the IBF AGM's,holocracy in action. And the GIC is coming to the Netherlands! Summer 2024 we'll be organising this beautiful event here, come and join us! We have a beautiful team and a great location. I'll be responsible for organising the keynotes. 

Conscious connected breathing has enriched my work in uncountable ways. I have a practice at home in Den Ilp near Amsterdam where I receive my clients. Surrounded by nature, I love working with the breath. I work with both individuals and groups and feel very supported by our Conscious Connected Breath Community in the Netherlands and internationally. My approach is gentle but firm and with a shamanic touch, everything is welcome. I usually have a lot of fun with my clients, apart from being the midwife for deep processes and the birth of miracles. Contact me and I'll be happy to do some sessions with you, preferably live but also online. 

Annette Fehse,, email:

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