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Stephania (Natalia) Polianker

Stephania (Natalia) Polianker

Phone: +380502932630
Mobile: + 44 7445512329

Stephania (Natalia) Polianker, a Member of International Breathwork Foundation, the British Rebirth Society  and the British Psychological Society. Certified Integrative Breathwork Therapist and Consciousness Trainer (GPBA) with 5+  years experience.

My lovely teachers are Heinz Gerd Lange and Lera Lange.

My own fascinating journey of discovery, supported by conscious breathing, began in 2011 and continues. I gained a new spiritual family in my teachers and the Breathwork Community.

I've believed in the breath power, had special education and personal breathing experience using my knowledge and helping people to find connection with themselves through their breath. To clean their body, mind, soul and activate their self-healing resources to acquire self-regulation skills and form their habit of living consciously. I give people an opportunity to use their breath with easy and effective methods, so they can increase their life quality, joy, energy and develop themselves.

Currently working on a project as a Group Psychological Therapist at the Refugee Council in London providing culturally and gender-sensitive therapeutic counseling services to Ukrainians.

In general, giving one-to-one breathing sessions live and online in Ukrainian and Russian as well as group breathing sessions live and online as a co-trainer, a trainer. 

Let me invite you to feel your own breath power!

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English. 

I used to live in Kyiv, Ukraine. Currently living in London, England.

Therapy Qualifications:

March 2024 Online Course DNA Psychotrauma                                                                                                                    

March 2024 The impact of Vicarious Trauma

2023 – at present IN BREATH Institute for Breath Therapy @Transformational Healing, Germany

Modality: Voice Dialogue

Program: Assistant trainer program

2015 – 2019 IN BREATH Institute for Breath Therapy @Transformational Healing, Germany

Specialty: Integrative Breathwork Therapist and Consciousness Trainer (GPBA)     

2021 The Coaching Mastery Academy WPG, ART of Coach Technologies Program, Ukraine    

Specialty: Professional coach

1996 – 2002  Dnipropetrovsk National University, Ukraine

Master's Degree in Psychology

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