Gabriella Ishara Giunta

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Gabriella Ishara Giunta - Ishara Gabri is a holistic therapist who works with Breathwork and Rebirthing Tantra, Bondage, Meditation and Emotional Expression. Qualifying as a physiotherapist in 1991, she has continued to explore holistic and complementary medicine, specializing in postural gymnastics, lymphatic drainage and shiatsu. In 1998 she discovered the Breathwork. She followed levels I and II of the school of “Transformational Breathwork” of Jim Morningstar in Wisconsin (U.S.A.) for two years and continued for a further 4 years with Robin Lawley, a Breathwork trainer. In 2012 she created a course for women, “il Respiro della Luna” (Moon Breathing), the result of 15 years of studying feminine spirituality, which became "Moon Mother Advanced” in 2015. This explores the complexity of the emotions and different states of consciousness in non-conventional modalities through the senses and bondage. She has developed the technique of “RopeBreath” together with Davide la Greca, to experience abandonment, emotional release, control management and deep meditation and the technique of “Tantra Ropes”, an integration of Tantra and bondage. At present she is working offering therapeutic sessions and individual courses of Rebirthing & Breathwork, Tantric Massage and Rope Breath. she also offers group work I Breathwork and Rebirthing, Energy and Emotional Balancing, Feminine Archetypes, Rope Breath, Tantra Ropes and TantraBreath.

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