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Philippa Wheble

Philippa Wheble
Certified Breathwork Practitioner, approved by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA)
Member bio: Dr Philippa (Pippa) Wheble is a Medical Doctor and experienced Breathwork Practitioner. She is a Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator and Trainer. She works as a General Practitioner within the NHS and works as a specialist in Performing Arts Medicine across Scotland. She runs workshops in music colleges, healthcare and in the corporate setting introducing breathwork as a technique for personal development and resilience. She lectures on Anatomy and Physiology for breathworkers and recently taught the first MSc course on Conscious Breathing Modalities at the Graduate School for Behavioural Health Sciences. She is driven to generate a strong scientific basis to support the introduction of breathwork into the mainstream. She is a founding member of Edinburgh Breathes and on the board of the scientific journal, Breathing Science. She joined the IBF in 2016 and is an active member of the Science and Research Group. Elected to the Executive Team in 2017, she is now in her third year serving at the heart of the IBF. Pippa is an accomplished violinist, viola player and singer with experience of performance anxiety. She has an MSc in Performing Arts Medicine from University College London. Her research thesis was entitled "An exploration of Transformational Breath® for anxiety management in professional voice users". She gathered physiological, psychological and qualitative data from 36 Transformational Breath® sessions demonstrating significant reductions in anxiety, depression, blood pressure and heart rate and significant improvements in well-being. She conducted further research on the physiology of conscious connected breathing, demonstrating significant hypocapnia during the practice. She presented this research at the keynote lecture at the GIC in 2018 Pippa is keen to further her research in Transformational Breath® and to extend our understanding of all the conscious-connected breathing schools in terms of what each technique involves, the physiological mechanisms at play and the physiological and psychological benefits of each technique.
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