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Kerry Veitch
Certified Breathwork Practitioner, approved by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA)

Kerry Veitch

Mobile: 07788573199

Kerry has been connected with Rebirthing and conscious connected breathing since 1993, with a focus now on embodiment practices such as Internal Family Systems and Eugene Gendlin's Focusing. Kerry has a trauma informed approach, and is a trainer with two breathwork schools , AIR School of Breathwork and Alchemy of Breath. She loves sharing the healing power of the breath with others, by holding warm water rebirthing retreats, weekly groups and 1:1 sessions.

Kerry also co-founded and is the festival director of the UK's first Breathwork Festival which is an annual event celebrating all kinds of breathwork. Kerry’s very grounded nature holds a very safe space for breather(s), holding them in their highest potential and being committed to the unfolding of each person’s own journey which of course is guided perfectly by our breath.

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