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Clarity Breathwork

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Ashanna Solaris & Dana Dharma Devi have been sharing Breathwork and healing for 7 decades combined, impacting and inspiring thousands of lives in a positive and uplifting way. They have pioneered their own process called Clarity Breathwork ~ a gentle, compassionate feminine approach to breathing and healing that changes and empowers lives. Dana Dharma Devi and Ashanna Solaris have developed an incredible and effective approach which combines many Sacred Healing Arts including: Live Music & Mantra, Movement and Dance, Light Body Meditation, Inquiry processes, Somatic Experiencing (the work of Peter Levine), and the unique and gentle style of Clarity Breathwork. They provide a comprehensive and transformative personal and professional training program that empowers their students to transform their wounds into the gold of their greater gifts. Ashanna & Dana are known for their gentle, nurturing style which allows the deepest healing and integration to take place. Breathwork changes lives in the most profound ways and offers a rewarding career in one of the fastest growing healing modalities on the planet.    Visit:

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