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Certified Breathwork Practitioner, approved by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA)

Lisa V Kusch

Mobile: 13066123777

Meet LV!
Lisa V Kusch, B. Ed., MSc., SBT, CBBA 

 Lisa  completed Somatic Breath Therapy training through Power of Breath Institute and then a Masters of Science in Applied Breath Sciences  through the Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences.  

She is thrilled to be  offering Somatic Breath Therapy and Breath Behavior Analysis to individuals and groups in person and online through private sessions or through her business Room to Breathe, Integrative Therapies  

Spending 20 years at the feet of women during childbirth taught Lisa much about the power of breath. Her concurrent experience as a  mental health professional with a special focus on integrative therapies for trauma recovery led her to an exploration of the science and spirit of breathwork. 

Lisa continues to explore what the breath has to teach us and lovingly serves others as they access consciousness and healing. She is a member of the International Breathwork Foundation, Breathing in the Classroom Project and the Canadian Thoracic Society. 


Lisa  is also involved in research at the University of Saskatchewan looking to resolve Long-Covid issues through applied breathing sciences. 

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