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Marcus Blacker

Marcus Blacker
Mobile: +447763845120
Member bio:

I am an integrative coach and breathwork therapist with a passion for supporting transformation in clients’ lives through increasing awareness, expanding consciousness and acting as a catalyst for authentic change at a causal level. My embodied practice and presence combines the art and science of breathwork and coaching to create a powerful pathway to integration, with the breath acting as a bridge between the body, mind, emotions, relationships and spirit.

I hold an Advanced Certificate in Coaching Practice and am a Certified Transformational Breath® Group Leader, a student of Dan Brulé’s Breath Mastery Fundamentals and a member of the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) Executive Support Team. Last summer I spent time at the Esalen Institute and attended the IBF's Global Inspiration Conference in California, learning and sharing best practices and cutting-edge techniques with some of the leading breathwork practitioners around the world.

I am also a qualified lawyer, AIDA freediving instructor, PADI scuba divemaster, and the owner, label manager and resident DJ of Chapter 24 Records. 

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