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Sara Egert

Sara Egert

Mobile: 8154410667

Sara Egert

Breathworker | Sound Healer | Feng Shui'r | Yogi |


When not working in the corporate world as a marketing executive, Sara follows her curiosity and enthusiasm for helping people improve their lives within their physical bodies and external environments. She loves working with clients to integrate Feng Shui into their everyday outer environments and Breathwork and Sound Healing for their inner environments while incorporating movement, yoga, and meditation. Integrating inner and outer well-being modalities to up-level our lives, heal, generate self-love and self-care, and create more abundance in all forms.

Sara’s transformational journey started as a student of the Western School of Feng Shui™, completing 200-hour yoga teacher training with Atlanta Hot Yoga, continuing education in the yoga realms focusing on trauma and restorative practices, continuous student of Breathwork {Rebirthing | Conscious Connected Circular Breath} studying with Clarity Breathwork and Leonard Orr. Currently based in Portland, Oregon, space holder and facilitating around the world {virtually}, in Atlanta, Georgia, and Northern Illinois.

  • Completed A Year Long Seminar with Leonard Orr (2016-2017), and other seminars with Leonard Orr and his team. 
  • Clarity Breathwork Trainings (Levels 1-5) 2018-2019  (Week+ trainings in each location Costa Rica (1-2), Northern California(3-4), and Bali (3-5).
  • LRTs (Loving Relationship Training) in 2015 and 2017  based on Sondra Ray's work, led by Kelly and Debbie - in Atlanta, GA. 
  • Continued education in Breathwork and Self Study
  • I have private sessions with Master Breathwork Teachers to continue to process life with Breathwork - I'm walking my talk and doing the work.


Instagram: @sara_egert | Facebook: @saraegertbreathechi




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