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Lars Mygind

Lars Mygind

Phone: +4570278288
Mobile: +4540327386

Lars is a catalyst for change and transformation in people. He is a sharp and entertaining teacher and keynote speaker and his passion is to transform healthcare and inspire people to have an optimal life. Lars is an international Master trainer in Bio-Emotional integration, TFT/EFT, tapping therapy and BreathWork.
Lars holds several other qualifications ranging from kinesiology to laughter therapist, and from PeakStates therapist to Meditation teacher. Together with his wife and partner Hanne Mygind Heilesen he has created a psychotherapy school, with a four year curriculum, including BreathWork, tapping, Bio-Emotional integration, and advanced regression and trauma healing techniques.
Lars believes true self-love is the strongest healer, laughter is the fastest way to get people to listen and through sharing his own sometimes painful story he helps others to trust they can do it.
He has co-written four books about TFT/EFT/tapping and Bio-Emotional integration, and they have sold more than 30.000 copies in Denmark. Lars gives about 30 lectures a year and has done so since 2002. Lars has been doing more than 100 teaching days a year since 2003, and has appeared in radio, television, magazines and newspapers.

Lars loves sailing, food and personal growth but it has not always been like this with a background in the entertainment industry and software business. He lives with Hanne, in the north of Denmark where he enjoys nature, the forest, the beach and the fresh air in a house making its own renewable energy.

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