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Ayo Handy-Kendi

Ayo Handy-Kendi
Phone: + 1 202-667-2577
Mobile: 2024229987
Member bio:

Ayo Handy-Kendi, renown as ”The Breath Sekou” is a passionate  master teacher of  “the breath” since 1970 and offers breath training as the founder/CEO, PositivEnergyWorks.  She is a Certified Breathologist, Laughter Yoga Teacher/Leader, Reiki Master 3, QiCong 2, Sound Healer/Composer, Speaker/Storyteller, Cultural/Spiritual Rituals Facilitator and Organizer.   She has used breath techniques to personally overcome many adversities and has “breathed” with millions on radio, t.v, in print, on stage, over the Internet and in private practice.   She is the Founder of Optimum Life Breathology™, a system of breath training which includes her signature training modalities,  Transcendence Breathwork™, Relearn How to Breathe ™, Women, Breathe Away Trauma™,  Breath Circles to Heal the Divides™, It’s a PlayShop™, and Birthing Breath™. 

She is also the founder/CEO of African American Holiday Association (AAHA) which stewards the commemorative holiday, Black Love Day- Feb. 13, since 1993.   She is an Author, Speaker, Storyteller whose focus on culture and wholistic health is embodied in her, “Power of the Breath” and “Keepers of the Culture” series of  books, plays, dvd's and cd's . 

She performs “tune-up” music with her husband, John Davies 3, drummer/Composer featured as “Earth Love Tune Up Crew “ (ELTUC).  She monthly hosts The Breathe Positive Love Circle, is on the World Breathing Day Committee (Apr 11) as a member of The International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) and co-stewards, International Breath Day (Nov. 22). 

Using her broad experiences, as a degreed Counselor, Community Organizer, Producer and a Healer, she empowers others with her charged up attitude of “PositivEnergy” and her 5 tenets of “Black Love” to encourage self-care, stress/trauma management and healing racism.    Since 1996, she has been spear-heading, a “Breath Movement”, which has been expanding yearly, as she affirms,“Breathe Better, Live Better because there is Power in the Breath”.

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