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Karen Achenbach

Karen Achenbach
Phone: 6106781210
Mobile: 6107212220
Member bio:

 Karen is the founder of Breathwork Connection, a service devoted to the facilitation of breathwork as a means to self-actualization and a greater sense of well-being and connection. Graced with a healing and compassionate touch, she leads individual and group sessions in breathwork, which help participants shed what no longer serves them, release blocks to achieve clarity and calmness, and develop insight.

A seeker of tools to be her best self, Karen discovered the magic of breath as a student of yoga, while practicing pranayama breathing and again at a breath workshop in 2003 while doing conscious connected breathing. After immersing herself in a nine month priestess apprenticeship training with Alisa Starkweather, where she gained exposure to an array of healing tools, she realized that breathwork was still the most powerful and magical one, which inspired her to pursue it more fully and share it with others.

Educated and skilled in multiple modalities, Karen brings a wealth of experience and training to her breath sessions. She trained in Transformational Breathwork, and is a certified Clarity Breathwork practitioner. Karen has also recently studied  with Jim Morningstar, who continues to inspire her.  Additionally, Karen is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher and a KRI Kundalini Yoga instructor. 

An attendee of the Global Inspiration Conference 2019, Karen gained exposure to breathwork facilitators from around the world and renewed her desire to share it with others. She resides in Berks county, Pennsylvania with her husband and four-legged fur friends, where she enjoys connecting with nature and is honored to help others use this simple tool to feel loved and loving, free and light.

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