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Adina Hanganu-Newton

Adina Hanganu-Newton
Mobile: 07966213082
Member bio:

Adina is a Romanian and British national and has been living in the UK since 2007. She finished Access to Higher Education diploma awarded by Tower Hamlets College, London in 2008 and then went on to obtain her Psychology with Criminology BSc (Hons) degree from Roehampton University, London in 2011. During her degree, she learned so much about herself and those around her. It helped Adina understand not only her own behaviour and that of those around her, but the underlying causes that makes the behaviour repeat. It was a great first step, but she felt she needed to know more, to learn more. In 2012, Adina went back home to Romania in holiday. Her sister, Carmen, introduced her to a friend that practised Reiki and Adina felt this is it, this can help her. So the next year, Adina visited Romania again and completed Reiki 1 and 2 there. This was a great next step, but felt there is more to the energetic world she just discovered and knew she wasn’t going to learn fast by doing all her training in Romania. So in 2014 Adina started her training in Emotional Intelligence with Acorn to Oak, the International School of Energy Medicine. In 2017 she finished her Reiki Master and in 2018 became a Breath4Life™ Breath Work Practitioner, both qualification obtained with Acorn to Oak. Reiki is a great energy tool which Adina used to enhance her knowledge and training of her true passion… Breath Work. Reiki and Breath Work are the two main techniques she uses to help others get back to living authentic happy lives. Career: Having finished Psychology with Criminology BSc (Hons) she became interested in fraud and this attracted her to work in a bank. She worked for HSBC for almost 6 years and had great fun doing her part to stop money laundering, tax evasion and other law breaking activities. Adina loved meeting people from all walks of life, getting to know them and helping them find their worth. This further underlined her love for helping people. Adina then decided to try something new and started working for Highways England in Project Management in 2018. Being part of a team that delivers a project is like running an obstacle marathon. Like a marathon, you are in it for the long haul and to continue delivering the project, you need to be ready to deal with the obstacles thrown your way. Yet again she loved working with people, gaining new skills and passing them on by training others. This further brings into focus Adina’s true passion which is Breath Work. Being from Romanian and living in the UK gave her the expertise and understanding when working with someone who is looking to find their home, not only in another country, but the home within themselves. It takes time and dedication to make a life abroad and to thrive, not only to survive and it’s the same when building a home and stability within you.

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