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Veruschka Vennebusch-Vogt

Veruschka Vennebusch-Vogt
Mobile: +49 176 40388211
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I became breath work therapist/conscious breathing trainer at the school for being/Cologne in 2013, by Beata Korioth and Georg Lolos, both trained by Tilke and Hans in Kleve at the Institut für Ganzheitliche Integrative Atemtherapie. From then on I started to work with breathwork and mindfulness, step by step combined and developed further with ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), Positive Neuroplasticity by Rick Hanson and TBT (Trauma Buster Technique by Rihanna Webster). So today I love to have a good equipped basket of tools in my hands to accompany and support people who got stuck in situations, with their unfelt feelings or in their self-limiting thinking - to move again towards flexibility, health and freedom. Since a few years I gratefully attend Tilke's supervision twice a year.

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