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Rakel Sosa

Rakel Sosa
Mobile: +4917641121542
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Rakel is a women's breathwork specialist. She combines breathwork with life coaching techniques to help multi-tasking women leaders navigate difficult transition like divorce, job shift, relocation or any kind of life upgrade. Her method that combines ancient breathing techniques and modern science, brings clarity in decision making, boosts confidence, reduces negative stress and increases energy to take action. 

After an intense beginning of pregnancy in 2008 -that almost cost her her daughter's life-, she transformed a terrible  diagnosis into a wonderful pregnancy and birth through breathing, meditation and mindset work. Since then she is committed to teach women how to transform crisises into rich opportunities and help them create the fulfilling happy life that they deserve.

Haven worked  11 years as a journalist covering conflict zones, bomb attack sites and sex trafficking among other subjects, she knows the many shades of crisis and stress first hand and has a special sensitivity for creating social impact  through her work. 

Rakel Sosa is Certified with the National German Stress Prevention Coach diploma, specialized in Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Autogenic Trainer, Breath-work instructor and Meditation teacher. She is also a Certified Life coach. She holds a master's degree  in Communication from La Sorbonne University and a certification in documentary filmmaking from UCLA. She is the author of the Pregnancy Program Blooming Together and the founder of the Women's Breathing Hub, a platform for women going through a transition and that want to increase energy and vitality through breathwork and mindset tools. Rakel collaborates with the Huffington Post and Inspirulina with monthly articles on the impact of breathing and has an active Youtube channel with more than 10.000 subscribers. Rakel was initiated and has been practicing and teaching Pranayama and Meditation since 1998, and has been working in private and group sessions in Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, United States and Venezuela since 20010.


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