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Hannah Kendaru

Hannah Kendaru
Mobile: +447707508618
Member bio: Hannah Kendaru has an endless admiration for simplicity. Cultivating space to allow others to dive into their own wisdom, she thrives on the empowerment of others. Hannah is an Indonesian-British facilitator. She is a co-founder of Inspire Breathwork, Encourage Retreats and The Doing Group. Using direct experience for transformation, she is incurably fascinated by bringing people to step into their own process of unlearning to discover their power and strength. She holds breathwork workshops rooted in pathfinding and empowerment for those on the path and would like to go deeper with the breath. Having been a product of western society, the Wellness scene is not the most welcoming for a brown person. Hannah offers mixed and BIPOC* breathing spaces as spaces of reprieve for those who have experienced embodied racialised trauma. For more information on any of her projects, please contact her on [email protected]com
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