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Sina Birkholz

Sina Birkholz
Member bio:

Sina Birkholz is a level 5 qualified Clarity Breathwork practitioner and shamanic practitioner. From a place of groundedness and compassion, she helps others to journey deep and discover something new or long-lost in themselves. Thanks to her inter-disciplinary and rigorous training, Sina is able to assist her clients in identifying their unused potential and accompany them in their search for clarity, self-realisation and healing. Joining one of Sina’s group breathwork sessions (online) or booking a private session (online) will help you return to freedom – the freedom to be and to experience the wonders of life.

Sina also holds a PhD in sociology and has several years of experience in empirical research. She used to work and teach at several German universities (e.g. FU Berlin, TU Berlin, Bielefeld University). Sina also has working and living experience in numerous countries, such as Egypt, Lebanon, Pakistan, Scotland, Mexico and Germany. At the moment, Sina is living in Berlin, Germany and Oaxaca, Mexico. Sina offers sessions in English and German, and speaks Arabic, French, and Spanish.

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