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Kimberly Hankins

Kimberly Hankins
Member bio:

Kimberly Hankins, DMA, PD, RYT500 is a Musician-Accessible Breathwork and Yoga Facilitator. She empowers musicians to find freedom when performing through self-study, breathwork, and meditation. As an Accessible Yoga Ambassador, she works to make these practices easily approachable for everyone. She found yoga about 13 years ago after overcoming a playing related injury, and recently shifted her focus from asana to pranayama, apana kriya, and conscious breathwork. She received her Advanced Breathwork Facilitator certification through Revelation Breathwork in 2020. As a Musicians Wellness Content Creator, she provides resources and works to remove the stigma associated with playing-related injuries, chronic pain, and mental health related issues.

Breathwork Circles, Pranayama, and Private Breathwork at:

IBF Breathwork Foundation