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Lavenda Sybille Schaff

Lavenda Sybille Schaff

Mobile: 001-808-268-6589 (US)
Profile Born in Germany, living on Maui (US) and in Munich ( Germany), originally a Speech Therapist, I became a Lomi Hawai'i Mana Body Work Practitioner/ Teacher more than 30 years ago. I also am a Hawai'i Mana Coach, Ho'opono Pono Practitioner and recently added Clarity Breathwork to my treasure chest of wisdom offerings. I feel very blessed to be a Clarity Breathwork practitioner, since it is so easily fascilitating people to receive nurturing breath and inspiration on the deeper cellular level. Then old limiting beliefs and patterns may be released from their DNA and with the new breath coming in new doors of vitality, love and empowerment for their life might open up. A fascinating transformative process of Aloha.
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