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Leela Rae

Leela Rae
Member bio:

Leela Rae is a level 5 qualified Clarity Breathwork practitioner, trained by its founders Dana Dharma Devi and Ashanna Solaris. After hundreds of hours sitting in trainings in other disciplines of breathwork, Kundalini yoga, and Reiki, Leela continued to find herself seeking. The previous modalities she had explored and studied left her feeling that something was missing still. This changed when she met Dana Dharma Devi at a yoga festival. When asked to share what it is about Clarity Breathwork that's different, she finds herself struggling to find the words. "It is something that can't be explained in words in its totality. I can tell you the physical and mental benefits, and yet it doesn't even begin to describe the essence of this work. Clarity Breathwork is the most conscious and embodied of the healing arts I have ever experienced. It brings forth a whole new kind of awe-inspiring mystery that is simultaneously known and unknown within you. Clarity Breathwork takes you to the one and only teacher, healer, and miracle worker - YOU."

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