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Chuck McGee III

Chuck McGee III
Member bio:

As a Type 1 Diabetic and Traumatic Brain Injury survivor, Chuck has faced many personal health challenges. For years he had been searching for practical and impactful ways to improve his health and reduce his symptoms.  Six years ago, he was introduced to conscious breathwork. After feeling the benefits and massive shift this brought into his life, he switched professions and dedicated his life to helping others discover their own power to help themselves. For the past six years he has travelled worldwide to study different breathwork modalities. His first introduction to conscience breathwork was the Wim Hof Method (WHM), including weeks of instruction from Wim Hof, himself. Chuck was the first American Instructor to help lead the Wim Hof winter expeditions in Poland.

Chuck then continued to expand his knowledge in other breathwork practices. For the past three years he has been working in a healthcare setting, applying foundational functional breath to help reduce chronic pain, anxiety and depression. It is his goal to empower as many people as possible through their own breathwork. Because everyone’s physiology is different, Chuck knows there is no cookie cutter approach to optimal health. He believes, however, that functional breathing can positively impact everyone.

Along with being a level 3 Wim Hof Method instructor, he is also a certified instructor in the Oxygen Advantage and an XPT Performance Breath Coach. Chuck works with everyone at their own pace, regardless of perceived fitness level. His clients range from people who are searching for the the reduction of chronic pain, anxiety, stress as well as those who want to learn how to optimize athletic performance.  

“My belief in the benefits of the conscious breathwork is palpable and my drive to spread this information to others is relentless.”

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