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Selma Vatansever Derici

Selma Vatansever Derici
Phone: +90 212 2025080
Mobile: +90 532 2363443
Member bio:

46 years of life experience and 33 years of professional experience which was in three different sectors in multinational companies (finance, informatics and marketing & communication) I am having an amazing journey.
Human attitudes and behaviours are always in core and centre of my life.

Couple of years ago I concentrated to study and research about;

* Behavioral sciences, * Mind-Consciousness awareness, * "Brain" Amygdala and Prefrontal Cortex structure and    
    Consciousness-Subconscious connection,                        * Neuro Science,                                                                * Quantum Physics Science,                                               * Breathing Physiology / Chemistry (What harms ourselves mentally and physically by breaking our breath),                                                                                 * Intuitive Healing,                                                               * Human Design and                                                            * Meditation

I became;                                                                             * Proffesional Breathing Coach,                                           * Behavioral Health Sciences Breathing Analyst,              * Intuitive Healer Practitioner & Reader                               * Quantum Thinking, Bioenergy & Quantum Energy         

My aim is to empower youth & mothers and transform their lives. And helping them to breath better and live better.

IBF Breathwork Foundation