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Waldemar Zambrano

Waldemar Zambrano

Mobile: 7735736363

Started my meditation practice back in 1984 while attending Columbia College film school in Chicago. Served in the U.S Army and Army National Guard for a total of twenty-four years to include trips to Kosovo and Iraq. My career was in television production and was blessed with a few Emmy nominations from the midwest sector of the U.S. My meditation practice started off intense for me as I discovered the art through books from the Chicago Public Library back in 1984. After a few months of hardcore studying, I challenged myself to practice Zazen meditation 4-5 hours a day for six months: and I did it. What an incredible journey it was for me and by the end of the sixth month, I had gone through the most amazing transformation that has made me a believer today. My meditation practice included training at the Shambala mountain center back in early 2000, as well as going through the amazing Jeddah Mali's Changing the paradigm plus advanced course training. In the arena of breathwork, I've had the opportunity to train with the fantastic Jeremy Yoast, and Dr. Belisa Vranich. Certified through Academy of Breath via the awesome Ava Johanna, and Life Awareness Project run by Michael Bilker.

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