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Tara Green

Tara Green
Mobile: 7817246510
Member bio: Tara Nieves Green MS, founder of Breath Awakening™ and an international breathwork practitioner and trainer, helps empowered individuals excavate and clear the unconscious triggers so they can access their divine wisdom and inner truth to create a more authentic and passion filled life. For close to two decades Tara has been merging her education background and training with her deep commitment to personal healing. Tara is devoted to helping you reclaim your true purpose, awaken your intuition, and live your life with more authenticity and passion. Through Breath Awakening, she has had the honor of supporting and empowering thousands of people in individual breathwork sessions, workshops, retreats, and virtual events. It is her passion and joy to support people to break through the blocks in their lives and access ease and grace on their paths!
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