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Tiffany Berger

Tiffany Berger

Mobile: 614-931-0016

Hi My Love! I am a certified Rebirthing Breathworker and Life Coach, who is passionate about empowering adults and children to achieve the trifecta, that is, your very best physical, mental & spiritual states of well-being. I include prenatal psychology and positive psychology within Breathwork sessions. It is my goal to build upon your self-worth and self-value so you can achieve desired goals and live a life filled with joy and ease.

I offer in-person and virtual 1-on-1 sessions, small group sessions and family sessions, guiding adults and children in building emotional intelligence and self-regulation. Your breathwork journey with Breathworx614 consists of Building Awareness & Mindfulness, Integration of New Thought Patterns and Behaviors, Transformation and Celebration.

I know that your Breathwork journey can be just as powerful as mine, as I constantly embody this journey to transformation. We all experience hurt, sadness, grief, stress and trauma throughout our lives. Let's stop moving through these experiences like nothing happened. Let's breathe into these moments, learn from them, grow from them, and use them as a catalyst to love ourselves, then love others.

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