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I came to breathwork by invitation and it changed my life in a powerful way, I would like to invite you to consider experiencing the awakening of the heart through the breath. I am a certified breathwork practitioner with the New Zealand Association of Breathworkers, a personal and business consultant, and a certified breathworker by ISLP in the USA. I have been studying, teaching, and working professionally as a breathworker and consultant since 1989. I have a great passion for working with individuals and couples desiring to experience more ease, joy, aliveness, peace and love in their lives. I have spent much of my adult life studying spiritual psychology with masters from different spiritual traditions, Benedictines, Hindu, Buddhist, and North American Indian. I am a former yoga and meditation teacher, vipassana meditation practitioner, a nutritionist, a men’s group founder, avid gardener, and a lover of music. As a past founder and Managing Director of a number of successful companies in the nutracuetical industry. I also consult with businesses in bringing more conscious business principles and an understanding on how mindfulness contributes to a more effective, sustainable, and profitable business. I reside between New Zealand and the USA, I’m married to a great partner, and we have three daughters, a son, and four grand kids…….and just grateful!

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