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Aravindan Kaliamoorthy

Aravindan Kaliamoorthy

Mobile: +91 9710391700

Aravind Kaliamoorthy, born in Pondecherry, India, embarked on a remarkable journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation, ultimately leading him to become the founder of Breathe With Aravind. His life's mission is to help individuals find inner peace, embrace their past, and create meaningful lives through the practice of breathwork.

Early Life and Inspirations: Aravind's journey began with a childhood interest in meditation and yoga. Starting meditation at the tender age of 8, he delved into yoga at 12. His fascination with these practices laid the foundation for his later pursuits. After completing a degree in engineering, Aravind moved to the Auroville International Community to deepen his understanding of yoga and meditation. His journey of exploration took him to various ashrams, where he continued to refine his practice and understanding.

Breathwork: A Transformative Path: Aravind's life took a significant turn when he discovered the profound effects of breathwork. Realizing that breathwork had the potential to uncover hidden wounds, traumas, and societal conditioning, he founded Breathe With Aravind. For him, breathwork was a way to unlearn what society had taught, enabling the individual to find inner peace and live a meaningful life.

Contributing to a Global Vision: Aravind's aspiration to contribute positively to the world was embodied in his mantra, "lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu," which means "May All Beings Everywhere Be Happy and Free." He believed that by sharing his passion for breathwork, he could help people transform their lives. Breaking free from societal pressures and familial expectations, he followed his heart's calling, leading him to Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Skills and Training: Aravind's dedication to his mission is evident through his extensive training. He completed Bio Development Intensives & Facilitator Training, Tantra Teacher Training, Samma Karuna Social Meditation Facilitator training, and Multi-Style Breathwork Facilitator training. These endeavors equipped him with the tools to guide individuals through their transformational journeys.

Values That Define Aravind's Offering:

  • Safe Space: Providing a secure environment for individuals to explore and express their inner feelings.
  • Communication: Offering compassionate communication and attentive listening to his students.
  • Community: Building a supportive virtual community to aid transformation.
  • From the Heart: Teaching with love and genuine presence, ensuring a holistic approach.

The Lotus: A Symbol of Resilience: Aravind's name, meaning "Lotus," beautifully reflects his philosophy. Like a lotus that emerges from the mud without stains and blooms each day, Aravind believes that humans have the innate ability to rise from difficulties, shine through darkness, and spread positivity to the world.

Aravind Kaliamoorthy's journey from a small town in India to becoming a beacon of healing and transformation is a testament to the power of breathwork, self-discovery, and the pursuit of one's dreams. Through Breathe With Aravind, he continues to impact lives, helping individuals embrace their past, heal, and create meaningful and purposeful lives.

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