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Stephanie OBrien

Stephanie OBrien

Phone: 954-900-3497
Mobile: 917-664-2900

I have decades of theory and practice in breathwork from respiratory therapy for recovery due to severe smoke inhalation to regular practice of Holotropic  in 1998 , evolving to shamanic and transformational breathwork in the 2000’s and picking up Wim Hof method for a couple of year in 2015 to eventually beginning a deep systemic level of science based education with Level one and Advanced SOMA Breath Instructor with over 200 hours  including the Master Coaching Course and 3 certificates in breath Sound and coaching - which led to facilitating retreats, workshops and events and providing 1:1 functional couching for over 1.5 years and eventually to opening a dedicated breathwork facility in 2023 - guiding 1000s in groups and dozens more in 1:1 coaching - I’ve led 8-10 breathwork classes and events per week at the facility for all most a year now. And I am ready to teach others my methods so I can scale the business and positively impact as many lives as possible. 

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