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The Science and Research Advisory Group is a special task force workgroup of the International Breathwork Foundation formed with the specific aim of supporting the IBF community and general public with a deeper understanding of the science of breathwork based on research and a body of evidence.

This forms part of the broader aim of the IBF to be a credible source of information and support for the community of breathwork practitioners and the general public.

The group is comprised of a dynamic group of medical doctors, scientists, psychotherapists and members of the community who are passionate about understanding, researching and sharing the science of breathwork.


1. Understanding and describing the physiology involved during Breathwork.

2. Creating a categorisation of the range of Breathwork techniques.

3. Collating existing research already published on the benefits of Breathwork.

4. Communicating this information to IBF members, the broader breathwork community and the general public.

5. Supporting novel research by IBF workgroups, project groups and members.

6. Recommending safety guidelines and adaptations for certain medical conditions and working with groups.

7. Serving as the birthplace for novel concepts, projects and ideas.

Previous Initiatives:

1. Published ‘Breathing – Aligning Mechanics with Chemistry’ by Dr Peter Litchfield (in June 2017 IBF Newsletter). 1_Breathing, aligning mechanics with chemistry 2017

2. Undertook research entitled ‘The Scope of Breathwork’ at GIC 2017.

3. Conducted a pilot ‘Breathing Physiology’ study at GIC 2017.

4. Designed research protocols to collect meaningful IMPACT data from “Conscious Breathing in the Classroom”.

Current Initiatives:

1. Developing an accessible database of Existing Breathwork Research.

2. Creating a Classification of Breathwork Techniques entitled “The ART of Breathwork”.

3. Production and/or dissemination of peer reviewed articles and educational materials aimed at the IBF community.

4. Serving the community with a dynamic communication strategy.

Contact Us

SciReg welcomes questions in relation to the science of breathwork to be sent to the following address:

Current Members:

Claire Haug, Workgroup Leader

Dr. Philippa Wheble

Dr. Ela Manga

Dr. Peter M. Litchfield

Dr. Wolfgang Fellner

Dr Nadja Benschop

Heinz Gerd Lange

Dr. Wilfried Ehrmann

Dr. Alicja Heyda

Workgroup Meetings