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The day to day management of the IBF is entrusted to an elected team of volunteers which consists of:

Executive Team

The Executive Team is responsible for the business affairs of the IBF. Each person takes responsibility for an area of IBF business and act a team to make day-to-day decisions and implement agreed objectives.


Integrity Committee

The Integrity Committee oversees and supports the Executive Team and acts as a complaint board for members.


National Representative & Ambassadors

The National Representatives team and Ambassadors support IBF members in each country and worldwide. The IBF has National Representatives (NR) in over twenty countries. NRs are central to the IBF network and frequently organise IBF events in their own country. If you have any questions about the IBF or how to join, you are encouraged to contact your National Representative. A list of the current NRs can be found on this website

Find your National Representative (click here to see the list).


Workgroup Leaders

The Workgroup Leaders are responsible for a specific domain within the organisation. They lead a team which is working on different specific areas like the UN Workgroup, Science & Research Group, Conscious Breathing in the Classroom and World Breathing Day.

Find out about IBF Workgroups on our Initiatives page


Executive Support Team

The Executive Support Team assists the Executive Team with their specific skills. Our Newsletter editor, Social Media team and Website Coordinator are all EST Stars of the IBF.

All IBF Officers perform their duty according to the IBF Core Values and IBF Code of Honour


IBF Task Force Manual

Who is who in the IBF Taskforce

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