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By becoming a member of the IBF family, you are supporting the initiatives and activities of the IBF and the promotion of conscious breathing and breathwork as a vital tool for healing and well-being in all areas of life.


Individual Members €50 (annually)

  • Reduced conference fee for attending the annual GIC
  • Receive reductions on some breathwork events organised by IBF professionals
  • Subscription to our newsletter

  • Access to knowledge and events around Breathwork worldwide

Professional Members €75 (annually)

For breathworkers or professionals of other disciplines who use Breathwork as an additional tool in their work (e.g. yoga pranayama teacher)
In addition to the individual member benefits you get:

  • Full access to the IBf member area
  • Sie können Ihre eigenen Veranstaltungen im Veranstaltungskalender der IBF-Website veröffentlichen
  • Receive access to the member forum
  • Veröffentlichen Sie Ihre Praxis auf unserer weltweiten Praktiker-Karte
  • Publish your profile in the online IBF breathwork professional’s directory, with a link to your own website

Organizational members €100 (annually)

Nationale Organisationen, Unternehmen und Schulen.

  • Professional member’s benefits apply also to organisational members

Friend €10

  • A simple way to support and to be connected to the IBF


  • Credit Card (via Stripe)
  • Paypal

IBF will not store your credit card credentials. For any questions, please contact the IBF treasurer at

Unterstützung des IBF Breathwork Development Project

The Breathwork Development Fund was created in 2011 to financially support people in certain places that would otherwise not have the opportunity to experience the benefits of breathwork.

Als Beispiel unterstützt die IBF das Tiba-Africa-Projekt in Kenia, bringt Breathwork als Heil- und Selbstwertgefühlsinstrument für Frauen mit HIV-AIDS und hilft Kindern und Familien aus den Slums von Nairobi.

Jeder kann durch eine Spende zum Breathwork Entwicklungs-Fond beitragen.

Members of IBF can apply to the Breathwork Development Fund with projects or initiatives that can benefit the community.

Your membership supports healing around the world!

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