The IBF Executive Team is excited to introduce you to all of the new features on the new IBF Website

Phase 1 of the project was to explore and review two very different approaches to building the IBF a new website. We considered the needs of the community, the short term vs long term investment and upkeep costs of the options presented and sought advice from both specialists and elders in the community.

Phase 2 was about designing and creating a new membership database, integrated into the website itself, with improved functionality, directory and a fully functional events calendar! In order to address the issues of GIC registration – a registration tool has been integrated into the website linking your GIC registration to your current membership. The GICs in the future will have their own webpages within the IBF website – it is all coming together! It has not been without teething problems and there are still more decisions to be made. There is so much more to share with you…

Phase 3 – making it all sparkly for you – but all the best things take time! We also want your input, your content and your feedback on this project as it evolves.